The New Recess Pop-Up in NYC Is Your CBD Relaxation Dream

By | March 20, 2019

Need a recess? The aptly named new pop-up — Recess — has made its way to New York City to give you a well-deserved break in the middle of a hectic Manhattan week.

The relaxation zone, located at 680 Broadway in the NoHo district of New York, serves up CBD and adaptogen-infused sparkling water that’s brewed to help you relax and get creative — and snap a few Insta-worthy shots.

“We created a space to take all the ideas, feelings, and experiences we’ve created online and put them back into the real world,” the company says about its pop-up location. “It’s easy to let our most creative thoughts remain day-dreams, abstract and distinct from real life. This space is all about making thoughts felt, and when we’re not hosting curated events, we’ll be open as simply a place to take a Recess; to pause, reflect, and wonder, before continuing on with your day.”

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Image: @takearecess

Instead of reaching for an afternoon coffee to give you a much-needed jolt to continue on your day, recharge with a can of Recess, the company recommends, to stay, as they say, “calm, cool, collected.”

“Recess is infused with hemp extract and adaptogens, both powerful and natural ingredients that help us adapt to stress and replenish our bodies’ endocannabinoid system which regulates our mood to help us achieve a balanced state of mind,” Recess adds.

With ingredients like hemp extract, American ginseng, L-theanine, and schisandra, the focus is on de-stressing, rebalancing, and calming the most anxiety-prone parts of the day.

For a more hands-on experience, expect a series of wellness events, presentations, workshops, and socials to really bring the IRL pop-up full-circle. It might just be what you need to keep the days’ stresses away.