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Argentine Fashion model, Rocío Guirao Díaz talks about her Fitness Routine to Look Sexy

Rocío Guirao Díaz (Spanish pronunciation: [roˈsi.o ɣiˈɾao ˈði.as]; born on 27 June 1984 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine fashion model. From 2007 onwards she has been active in number of TV programs, plays and theatre artist along with being a model. She is married and mother of three kids. Rocio Guirao Diaz is in… Read More »

Disha Patani in Calvin Klein Sports Bra and Lehenga is a Diwali Disaster! Try Other Hot n Sexy Looks of The Bollywood Actress (See Pics)

Diwali outfit inspiration by Disha Patani (Photo Credits: Instagram) Wearing new clothes – bright and beautiful outfits– is one of the most-loved things to do during the Diwali festival. From Lakshmi Puja to Diwali parties, there are so many occasions to be celebrated during the ‘Festival of Lights.’ This is why we at LatestLY have… Read More »