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Scientology is using international stars to lure in new recruits

Sheena ChohanGetty Images The subtitle of Tom Cruise’s last “Mission: Impossible” movie, “Fallout,” could also describe the current state of Scientology. The church, which still maintains a flock of A-list adherents including Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley, is at a crossroads. Hollywood members, who for decades brought in mega-star wattage as well as mega-bucks,… Read More »

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Owning A Small Business With International Time Zones

As a small business owner working with clients on different international time zones can be exhausting.  You probably already know how it can take over your life. You have to work hard for long hours and make sacrifices, such as family time. It does not have to be like this though. Introduce some time management… Read More »

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