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How Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi and Lukas Gage Prepared for that Violent Attack Scene

No subject matter has been off limits so far in HBO’s new drama Euphoria. Last week, that was limited mostly to drug and sexual content, but episode two took those limits to a new violent high. The episode saw Nate, the town’s signature jock with a few skeletons in his familial closet, track down and… Read More »

Spread of cancers halted by smart bacteria that trigger immune attack

Bacteria can shrink cancer cellsSTEVE GSCHMEISSNER/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY By Michael Le Page GENETICALLY modified “smart” bacteria injected into tumours can shrink growths and trigger an immune response that stops cancer spreading, tests in animals show. The engineered bacteria exploit the vulnerability of solid tumours to infections. This vulnerability comes about because tumours evolve all kinds… Read More »