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Obesity rate drops by 13% among US preschoolers on food assistance

Drop in obese US toddlers on government-assisted food plan: 13% fewer preschoolers on WIC are dangerously overweight, report finds In 2010, nearly 16 percent of preschoolers between two and four enrolled in the US food voucher program were obese By 2016, only 14 percent were obese, following 2014 changes to the WIC food assistance program… Read More »

‘Single payer’ hearing highlights differences among Democrats

A hearing Wednesday intended to focus on legislating a fully government-financed healthcare system exposed the differences Democrats have on healthcare. The hearing, in the House Budget Committee, stood in contrast to another that occurred in the House Rules Committee in April, in which Democrats set aside their internal healthcare disputes to have an in-depth discussion… Read More »

Hearing loss and obesity among 12 factors that fuel dementia

Tens of thousands of people in Ireland are currently living with dementia. Stock picture Hearing loss and obesity among 12 factors that fuel dementia Independent.ie Twelve lifestyle choices and conditions that fuel dementia have been identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the most definitive list ever of how to avoid mental decline in… Read More »