Self-Made Entrepreneur Rachel McCord Surely Knows How To Stay Fit

By | June 4, 2019
Rachel McCord
Photo Credit: Tasia Wells

Featured in Forbes, Glamour and Daily Mail, Rachel McCord is a self made entrepreneur, model, talk show host and speaker. Secret Shaper, the first of her product lines, is her daily focus. Alongside producing and starring in the Rachel McCord Show, which helps aspiring talent, entrepreneurs and creatives slay the game.

She co-founded The McCord List, a network which purports to represent the one thousand most influential women in media. She has been recognized as a trendsetter by publications like Vogue and Forbes.

Women Fitness President, Namita Nayyar, joins the self made entrepreneur for an illuminating chat about her journey so far and how she wishes to inspire more and more women in 2019!
Namita Nayyar:

You co-founded The McCord List, a network which purports to represent the one thousand most influential women in media. You seem to have always had a zeal for empowering women. Where do you think that comes from?

Rachel McCord:

I am very passionate about, what I call, sassy self-help. I went through a lot growing up in trailer parks as a kid. I moved many times, dealt with a lot of childhood abuse, and struggled with self worth because of it. Turning to over 1,000 self help books to heal myself, I worked hard to overcome the trauma, PTSD, and depression I struggled with. 

Realizing that true healing comes from accepting yourself and story, believing in your ability to accomplish anything, caring for yourself, designing your life and establishing a positive community with non-judgmental people, so I decided to create a brand focused on helping women with that. 

The McCord List ( was founded for the woman out there who needs support and love. Who needs to know she is not alone. Who needs to learn to love herself and receive love from trustworthy people. 

We are stronger together, and we deserve to have the tools to make us whole. 

Rachel McCord
Photo Credit: Jonathan Lennard
Namita Nayyar:

You are a world renowned model, author, actress, speaker and media personality. If given a chance, which role defines your personality the best?

Rachel McCord:

I find the most joy in speaking. Having the opportunity to find that one person in the room who needs to hear an empowering message is a huge honor. I don’t see it as speaking to massive audiences…I simply speak to each person in the room by seeing and connecting with each and every one of them. 

Having struggled growing up and now building a handful of companies, working on-camera, and sitting on a few boards has created the platform to share my heart. I couldn’t be more grateful for that! My prayer is that it is a reminder to people everywhere that no matter where you grew up, you matter and you can create the life of your dreams. 

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