Selena Gomez Just Threw Her Friend the Cutest Birthday Party

By | March 23, 2019
  • Selena Gomez threw a birthday party for her friend Raquelle Stevens earlier this week.
  • Raquelle has been friends with Selena for seven years, and they even have matching tattoos!

    Not only is Selena Gomez a good friend for reminding her friends when they have a boyfriend (lol) and throwing them bridal showers, but it looks like she does birthday parties too!

    Though Selena hasn’t been sharing much about her personal life on social media lately, it was her friend Raquelle Steven’s birthday earlier this week, and thankfully other people Instagrammed snaps of the party.

    Raquelle posted a pic thanking her friends, including Selena, for throwing her a bday celebration, and the shindig looks super cute! There were pink balloons errwhere:

    A very happy sunshine cake:

    The MOST adorable pup to cuddle with:

    As well as some quality girl time:

    Ugh, adorbs!

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